WILLIAMSON: Deal or no deal, Britain will thrive after Brexit


Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson MP has today ahead of the crunch Brexit vote by calling for unity in the UK, stating ‘this country always succeeds whatever the challenges we face’.

Mr Williamson told the Express & Star: “I will be supporting her deal and very much hope it will go through.

“I hope this is what the House of Commons chooses to do. There is a choice between this deal or no deal.

“But if Britain is in a situation where we leave the European Union with no deal, I have every confidence and every belief that Britain will succeed.

“It is a nation that will thrive and it is a nation that will continue to do brilliantly well.

“I know this country always succeeds whatever the challenges and actually, you know, obviously everyone’s preferred choice is to have a deal in place.

“That’s what is available to the House of Commons but let us not listen to the naysayers that Britain can’t succeed because Britain always will”.