May’s Conservatives Open Commanding Lead


Opinion polls in the UK are now showing a commanding lead for the ruling Conservative Party, as well as a minimal impact caused by a new group of so-called ‘Independent’ MPs.

Deltapoll (23 February) found a Conservative party lead of seven percent (Conservative: 43%, Labour 36%), whilst Opinium recorded an eight-point lead for PM Theresa May’s Party (40% to 32%).

Other recent polls have also given the Conservative Party an eight percent lead (YouGov: 41% to 33%) whilst Survation recorded a four percent lead (Survation: 40% to 36%) during the past fortnight.

A new group of relatively unknown MPs formed by pro-EU Labour and Conservative defectors was recorded at 11% by Deltapoll for the Mail on Sunday.

The Real European’s Political Intelligence Unit reported: “February 2019’s polls are believed to show much stronger showing for the governing Party since Opposition Leader, Jeremy Corbyn’s, decision to decline to attend a Brexit deal crisis meeting for all Party leaders, established by PM Theresa May.

Mr. Corbyn’s decision was widely criticized as being “party political” and against the UK national interest.”