British TV moving into the 21st century with BritBox


Opinion – Nick Harris

We have known for years that the future of TV is not live, with a schedule, with programmes coming down a cable or through a satellite dish. It’s being streamed through the internet to our phones, laptops, tablets, but also to our smart TVs.

Netflix and Amazon cottoned onto this years ago, which is why Netflix was worth around $150 billion in 2018 and only continues to grow! However today the old guard of British television, BBC and ITV have joined forces to announce a Netflix competitor that they are calling BritBox which will bring some of the best of British TV to the internet and to younger generations.

As a typical media-loving millennial, if I am completely honest, I cannot remember the last time I watched a tv show on live TV, it is all streamed from the internet.

I believe that it is a brilliant step in the right direction. ITV and the BBC are at present on the path to nowhere by not embracing internet TV.

ITV’s Chief Executive said, “This will provide an unrivalled collection of British boxsets and original series in one place…We anticipate that other partners will be added to BritBox and we will both speak to regulators and the wider industry about our proposals.”

Presently, BritBox – a creation of the so-called British Broadcasting Corporation – appears only available to users in the United States and Canada. For the Beeb and ITV’s sake … I hope priorities change soon.

Britbox can be found at: